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Chipperfields” is a lithographic print created in collaboration with Lee Turner of Hole Editions after winning the Hole Editions Publishing Award at the 2023 RE (Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers) International Original Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London. It was an absolute joy to design this print, drawing on six litho stones to create each layer of print.

  • This print was designed by the artist and printed by master printer Lee Turner
  • Printed on Fabriano Tiepolo, a good quality acid free printmaking paper.
  • This print contains 6 layers of colour.
  • The paper size is 28 x 22 cm.
  • Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist.
  • This print is from a small limited edition of 30 prints making your print more affordable whilst retaining its exclusive status.
  • This print is sold unframed allowing you the flexibility to find the perfect frame to suit your home.

This print is available at a Special Introductory price of £120 until the end of April 2024

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