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Clatter Clatter Artists Book (Softback)

Clatter Clatter Artists Book (Softback)

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Designed to illustrate Jayne Baldwin's poem "Clatter Clatter" (which in turn was written in response to my original Underwood Typewriter print - now sold out), this artists book has been screen printed and bound by hand. It is available in both soft and hard back editions.

  • Screen printed onto 315gsm Heritage Bookwhite, this book has a strong heavy weight allowing it to stand itself up without warping or falling.
  • Waterbased printmaking inks are mixed by hand with consideration to minimising the use of chemicals and reducing the environmental impact of the printmaking process.
  • It is folded in a concertina with the poem "Clatter Clatter" interspersed with half tone screen prints.
  • Due to the handmade nature of the printing process every print has slight variations making each unique.
  • The soft back version of these books comes in a limited edition of only 20 books and each have been signed and numbered by the artist.

This book is also available in a hard back edition.

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