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Colour Your Own Monet & The Impressionists: 20 Postcards

Colour Your Own Monet & The Impressionists: 20 Postcards

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A compact book containing 20 postcards featuring illustrations of artwork by Monet, Renoir, Degas and others. Impressionism is one of the world's most popular and well known art movements. Originated by a group of 19th-century artists based in Paris, they were seen as the rebels of their time.

The most famous Impressionist of them all has to be Claude Monet. This inspiring new colouring book produced in conjunction with the Thyssen art museum in Madrid features some of his most famous paintings including The Water Lily Pond and Woman with a Parasol. These postcards - that can easily be removed from the book - can be sent just as they are to friends and family, coloured in or even framed and hung on walls.

They are bound to delight anyone who receives one.

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