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Designers' Gouache Starter Set, 6 Tubes

Designers' Gouache Starter Set, 6 Tubes

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Designers' Gouache is a brilliant, opaque, artist-quality body colour, developed for professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction. It is also widely used in fine art painting, both on its own and with transparent watercolours.


  • The set contains six tubes of Designers' Gouache paints. 
  • The high-quality pigments and reflective qualities of the fine calcium carbonate ensure that Designers' Gouache retains its pure bright colour.
  • Designers' Gouache is characterised by its fine flowing texture, tinting strength and excellent covering power.
  • Gouache can be applied with a brush, ruling pen or airbrush.
  • The following colours are included in the set: Permanent White, Spectrum Yellow, Flame Red, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, Velvet Black.

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