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System 3 Acrylic Artists' Wooden Box

System 3 Acrylic Artists' Wooden Box

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This artists' wooden box set of System 3 Original acrylic paints, plus lots of accessories would make an ideal gift.  

The set includes:

  • Wooden Box measuring 35cm x 18cm x 6cm
  • Wooden mixing palette
  • Palette knife
  • 2 x System 3 brushes
  • 50 ml bottle of Gloss Soluble Varnish
  • 2 x 22ml acrylic mediums (slow rying gel and gloss impasto gel)
  • 10 x 22ml System 3 acrylic paint tubes.

The acrylic colours included in the set are: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow (Hue), Cadmium Red (Hue), Crimson, Ultramarine, Emerald, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber and Mars Black.

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